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Car Diagnostic Belmont

Is your vehicle due for car service? Andersons Auto Care is a name you can trust. We provide a wide range of car services and car repairs for our customers across Belmont and its surrounding areas. Every car deserves the best care. As a car owner, you must maintain all the scheduled maintenances to keep your car function at its best. Before you take your vehicle for maintenance or repair, understand which type of car service or repair your car needs and come to Andersons Auto Care.

When it comes to car service, you may have several options, but if you need a reliable and trustworthy car service across Belmont, come to us. We provide an in-depth inspection for your vehicle to ensure all the parts are healthy and boost its performance with professional car care. Whether it’s fixing an oil leak or handling transmission or engine issues, we have certified mechanics to do it for you.

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility, skilled technicians and the latest automobile tools to do the job. At Andersons Auto Care, we have got you covered with all types of car service & car repairs. Our car service and repairs include

General Car Service

Need a quick monthly car service? We provide periodic routine inspection and maintenance services to ensure that your car is all set to function right.

Brake & Clutch Repairs

Your vehicle safety depends on a healthy brake & clutch system. When the car is not stopping suddenly or pulling to the left while you move right, or making any unusual noise, it’s vital to have them checked by our expert technicians.

Transmission Repairs

One of the most overlooked components that need attention is your vehicle’s transmission system. If you’re facing any issues with your transmission system or need a fluid replacement or a complete rebuild, we at Andersons Auto Care can resolve the issue and get you back on the road as safe as possible.

Engine Repairs

A car engine is the heart of your vehicle and has to work properly. If there are any issues within your engine or wear and tear, we can provide a thorough inspection of the engine and install the worn-out parts to make it function properly.

Differential Service

If you notice any strange damage on the sidewall or the outer tread of your vehicle’s tyre, it may be due to the failing differential components. In such a case, turn to our auto repair shop, we will drain the contaminated fluid and change it with new & clean fluid to make them function stronger.

Logbook servicing

Are you looking to stamp your logbook? Maintain your new car’s warranty with professional logbook service from the authorised logbook service – Andersons Auto Care. With us, you can service your new car and protect the warranty with our professional service.

Suspension and Shock Absorber Service

Suspensions and shock absorbers are the critical components of the vehicle that work together to provide a smooth ride. If you’re facing any issues within these, it should be checked as soon as possible. At Andersons Auto Care, we provide inspection, diagnosis, repairs and replacements, so we’ll have your car fixed and back on the road quickly.

Air Conditioning Service

We provide expert AC service solutions to service & maintain your vehicle’s air conditioner perfectly, and you need not be concerned about voltage spikes or uneven cooling. We take care of your air-conditioners with proper installation and servicing. So, why wait? Get your unit monitored by our maintenance experts.

Looking for the best car diagnostic in Belmont and nearby suburbs, call Andersons Auto Care on 0470 455 661 today.