Andersons Auto Care

Car Service Armstrong Creek

Andersons Auto Care is a full-service car repair facility, providing a complete range of car care services to vehicle owners across Armstrong Creek and the surrounding suburbs at very fair prices. We have well-trained car mechanics who have the knowledge and skills to provide quality car service for vehicles of all makes and models.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Logbook Service Armstrong Creek

We have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure that your vehicle is serviced and maintained to the highest industry standard. Our mechanics carry out all repair works using genuine parts and validate your log book with stamping.

Radiator Cooling Service Armstrong Creek

Your engine’s radiator is responsible for cooling the coolant which keeps your engine running at perfect temperature. If your engine gets overheated, then you need to get your radiator and cooling system inspected, repaired or replaced.

Suspension Repairs Armstrong Creek

The suspension system of your vehicle plays an integral role in ensuring steering comfort and handling stability. We have thorough experience in dealing with the all sorts of suspension related issues.

Brake & Clutch Repairs Armstrong Creek

If you think that your brake or clutch system in your car has developed any fault, you can have our mechanics to repair or replace your faulty safety systems and get you back on the road quickly.

Transmission Repairs Armstrong Creek

Today’s transmissions are more complex that it needs expert hands to fix any problem. We will inspect all the parts and components in your transmission system, and repair or replace all worn-out parts if required.

Engine Rebuilt Armstrong Creek

As the engine is one of the most expensive components, replacing it can be a costly affair. With our engine rebuild and repair services, you can avoid such massive expenses.

Tyres Repairs & Replacement Armstrong Creek

If you notice increased braking distance, screeching noise, squeaking noise, vibrating steering wheel or visibly flat tyre, we will make sure that you will receive the best tyre service and repairs around.

Exhaust Repairs & Replacement Armstrong Creek

We recommend having your exhaust system inspected on a regular basis to prevent it from deterioration and for the early detection of problems that might otherwise lead to costly repairs.

If you are interested in any of our services, call 0470 455 661 and get in touch with us today.