Andersons Auto Care

Car Service Barwon Heads

If you’re a smart car owner, all you need is high-quality car service, meaningful price, and original installations. You can expect to find all those elements only in Andersons Auto Care. We’re loved for our transparency and straightforward dealings and most importantly, pricing and exceptional car service is what makes our customers inclined to us. As professionals in car repairs and maintenance services, we can assess your car’s health condition and initiate the necessary repair or service it requires. At Andersons Auto Care, we provide a wide range of car services for our customers across Barwon Heads and its surroundings.

General Car Service

Want to keep your car in top working condition? Ensure to leave your car for professional car services at regular intervals. As part of our car service, we expertly diagnose and fix all the mechanical and electrical issues of your car and ensure it is safe for driving.

Logbook Servicing

Get your logbook stamped by professional & certified mechanics from us. We thoroughly check your maintenance history and examine your vehicle with set tasks according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and stamp the book once the service is finished.

Roadworthy Certificate

From planning to selling your vehicle and re-registering, a roadworthy certificate is required to ensure that your vehicle is perfectly safe to ride on the road. We have a team of vehicle inspectors to inspect the vehicle & ensure that your car meets all the specifications required for the test.

Brake Repairs & Services

Are you taking your vehicle’s brake checkups and maintenances at regular intervals? As the brake system is like the heart of the vehicle, it needs attention, diagnosis and a long-lasting solution to ride safe. We inspect all brake components and surrounding areas to ensure they’re functioning rightly and provide genuine replacements for worn-out parts to enhance your brake system.

Transmission Repairs & Service

Are you facing oil leaks or sudden breakdowns often?  Your vehicle’s transmission system could be in trouble and require help to function normally. We have a team of certified transmission repair specialists to determine the root cause of the issue and ensure your vehicle is running at optimal performance.

If you suspect you have a vehicle problem or looking for a car service across Barwon Heads, call us at (03) 5255 3884.