Andersons Auto Care

Car Service Breakwater

Andersons Auto Care offers the best car repairs and maintenance service to the residents in Breakwater and the surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices. Our mechanics are equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools and are trained to work on vehicles of all makes and models.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Logbook Service Breakwater

Logbook servicing is an excellent way to keep your car running smoothly and upkeep its statutory warranty. When you trust us for logbook service, you can expect first class service that will be carried out using genuine parts, components and lubricants in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Radiator Cooling Service Breakwater

When there is a problem with your car’s radiator, the excess heat produced by the engine tends to damage the engine components. We perform full-fledged radiator cooling service that prevents major damage from occurring.

Suspension Repairs Breakwater

Driving with worn suspension is extremely dangerous as your vehicle may ride more brutally. Also, it leads to fuel consumption and uneven tyre wear. If your car is pulling from side to side, you experience difficulty steering or feel very bumpy, bring your vehicle to us for suspension repairs.

Brake & Clutch Repairs Breakwater

We offer a comprehensive brake and clutch systems repairs that help you driving safely. Our mechanics assess the performance of your clutch and brake system, and make necessary recommendations to keep you, your vehicle and other road users safe on the road.

Transmission Repairs Breakwater

When properly maintained, transmission system does not fail. If you ignore routine maintenance, the transmission shafts and joints become seized, leading to many other problems. You can opt for our transmission repairs if you hear metallic noise while changing directions or feel the vibration despite traveling in a straight line.

Engine Rebuilt Breakwater

Engine problems are a common issue for Breakwater car owners. In many cases, the situation will call for repairing or replacing a few parts. If problem still persists, you may consider opting for our engine rebuilding service.

Tyres Repairs & Replacement Breakwater

Whether you have noticed some wear on your car tyres or it’s been a while since you have replaced your tyres, you can trust us for all your tyre-related service needs. From tyre inspections to flat tyre repairs, tyre balancing, tyre rotation and new tyre replacement, our mechanics can handle it all.

Exhaust Repairs & Replacement Breakwater

A vehicle’s exhaust system is meant for directing emissions away, reducing noise, improving the performance of the engine and maximising fuel consumption. If you hear a rattling noise or notice CO2 emissions, you can have our experts to inspect your exhaust system and make sure it is working effectively.

If you notice that your vehicle is not performing at its best, call 0470 455 661 and schedule an appointment with us today.