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Car Service Clifton Springs

Is it time for your next car service? You can drop by our service centre at Clifton Springs. At Andersons Auto Care, we go by quality service, transparent pricing and genuine spare parts installations. It’s why we are popular among car enthusiasts. From quality installations to carrying out the repairs, we spend consistent time resolving the car issues and fixing everything that we can. Our team of car mechanics, specialists, and technicians have the expertise to handle all complex car issues professionally. If you’re resident in Clifton Springs and looking for a reliable car mechanic to help you, feel free to call us. We offer a wide range of car services to help you stay away from all possible car issues.

Radiator Cooling Service

Too much dirt buildup can block the antifreeze to the engine causing overheating, freezing, rust, and corrosion. By replacing the anti-freeze at the manufacturer’s recommendations will help reduce the risk of expensive radiator failures and repairs. At Andersons Auto Care, our technicians will diagnose the issue thoroughly and recommend replacements when required.

Logbook Service

Need to stamp your logbook service? A stamped logbook will ensure that your vehicle is well-maintained and will have a resale value. Our mechanics will verify your logbook & ensure all the services are done.

Roadworthy Certificate

If you’re looking to have a roadworthy certificate for your new vehicle, feel free to call us. Our certified vehicle inspectors can check your vehicle and ensure it is qualified for the test and ensure you pass the test & hand the certificate to you.

Brake Repairs & Services

To ensure peace of mind and a safe drive all the time, ensure to check your brake system at regular intervals. If your steering is not smooth and the vehicle doesn’t stop when you apply brake are signs of brake pad failures & let our brake experts resolve them with high-quality replacements.

Suspension & Steering Service

A car’s suspension system is an integral part of the car & any issues that arise within the system should be addressed and resolved immediately. As it has many complex in-built components,  a professional mechanic from our team will clear all the possible fall outs accurately.

Over To You

If you’re looking for complete car service & car repair service centre near Clifton Springs, call us on (03) 5255 3884 today.