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Car Service Waurn Ponds

For reliable car service in Waurn Ponds, you can trust Andersons Auto Care. We have a team of qualified car mechanics who have been providing car repairs and maintenance service to the vehicle owners across Waurn Ponds and the surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices. With state of the art equipment and proper training, we can work on vehicles of all makes and models.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Logbook Service Waurn Ponds

Manufacturers stipulate a maintenance schedule on your logbook that should be adhered to keep the warranty intact. There is no better place in Waurn Ponds than Andersons Auto Care to get high-quality logbook services. We strictly adhere to manufacturer’s specifications, so you can dispel your fear of voiding your warranty.

Radiator Cooling Service Waurn Ponds

Most times, we do not give attention to the cooling system or radiator which is responsible for cooling the engine. In that case, engine heats up more and results in expensive repairs. To avoid this, you can trust our professionals for radiator cooling service.

Suspension Repairs Waurn Ponds

Poorly aligned steering and suspension prevent you from enjoying a smooth and controlled ride. That’s why it is recommended to have them checked at least every 12 months to avoid unexpected problems. If you feel something has gone wrong with your suspension, have us to solve the issue quickly.

Brake & Clutch Repairs Waurn Ponds

Shaking or vibration while braking, squeaking noise when pushing the brakes and scraping or grinding sound are signs of potential brake problems. If you experience any of these symptoms, bring in your vehicle to us for quick brake repairs.

Transmission Repairs Waurn Ponds

Flushing the transmission fluid regularly prevents wear and slipping of the gears as well as lengthens the life of the transmission. Our mechanics not only can replace the transmission fluid but can also prevent transmission problems down the road.

Engine Rebuilt Waurn Ponds

A lot can happen to your car engine and you may require it to be repaired or rebuilt. For engine rebuilds and repairs in Waurn Ponds, you will get a service that is affordable with Andersons Auto Care.

Tyres Repairs & Replacement Waurn Ponds

Tyres are the most essential parts of your vehicle, which is why you should take proper care of them. If your car tyres have worn out or you feel imbalance in your tyres, stop by us for professional tyre service. We specialise in flat tyre repairs, tyre replacement, tyre rotation and tyre balancing.

Exhaust Repairs & Replacement Waurn Ponds

Harsh weather condition and salt on the road leads to deterioration of your car’s exhaust system. While minor issues can be resolved with a quick fix, major problems call for the replacement of exhaust system. Whether you need exhaust repairs or replacement, we will offer a service that you will be satisfied with.

With the mechanics of Anderson’s Auto Care, you can forget about these issues with your vehicle. To schedule an appointment with us, call 0470 455 661 and get in touch with us today.