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Transmission Service

When it comes to transmission services across Belmont, Andersons Auto Care is one of the trusted professionals in the diagnosis, Brake, repairs, and maintenance of transmission systems. From a simple sensor correction to rebuilding the entire transmission system, we handle everything regarding the transmission system and offer manufacturer-recommended parts for installation.

 As transmission is a critical and intricate component in the vehicle, transmission service is essential for your vehicle to promote optimal performance and prevent the failure of the component. If your transmission is neglected during your periodic maintenance, its condition will decline and will lead to a breakdown. Once the transmission fails, your vehicle will need extensive and expensive repairs for a complete restoration.

 Signs Of Transmission Failure

  • Grinding noise

  • Vibration while shifting gears

  • Gear Slipping

  • Delayed engagement

  • Contaminated fluid

 Our Transmission Service Include

  • Checking the transmission

  • Flushing the contaminated transmission liquid

  • Servicing the cooling system

  • Inspect the wear and tear of the components

  • Replace the old components with branded parts

  • Rebuild the entire system

How Do We Process?

At Andersons Auto Care, we believe that prompt restoration of the components and escalation of the damages will prevent your transmission system from costly repairs. This is why we recommend our customers watch the transmission damage signs that alarm the degradation of the component. The symptoms will help you react promptly. At Andersons Auto Care, we conduct timely repairs for your transmission system and ensure it is working at its best.

 If you’re not aware of the transmission repairs, take advantage of our transmission check service and prevent your vehicle from costly repairs. Transmission service and repair can be complicated and challenging. Therefore, if your vehicle’s component is not performing as expected or requires a tune-up, consult our qualified mechanic. We would be happy to help you. Call us on 0470 455 661 for more information.