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Logbook Servicing Belmont

Now, with the help of expert mechanics from Andersons Auto Care, maintain your car’s warranty. We are an authorized logbook service provider offering reliable & professional logbook servicing for customers across Belmont to keep up their vehicle warranty without fail. We believe that keeping your car maintenances regular is better than splurging your money on repairs. To ensure you keep up the car maintenance, car manufacturers specify regular log book services. Our mechanics provide in-depth inspections, engine management, tune-ups, transmission repairs, and much more to guarantee that all the components of your vehicle are thoroughly checked and serviced with high-quality standards. When you come to us, know that your car is in safe hands and performs well in the long run.

 At Andersons Auto Care, we perform all car services for all types of vehicles. So, if you’re looking for a logbook service across Belmont, feel free to call us on (03) 5255 3884 to get a high-quality service at an affordable price.

 How Our Skilled Mechanics Perform Logbook Servicing?

  • We replace all the contaminated engine oil with the manufacturer’s recommended new engine oil.

  • Install new spark plugs & engine filters to your vehicle.

  • We thoroughly inspect the brake and clutch system.

  • We examine all the vehicle fluids like brake fluid, power steering fluid, and the entire transmission system to see if there are any issues underneath

  • Our inspection involves a safety check on the car battery system and all other components to ensure they are functioning as they should.

  • We thoroughly inspect all parts of your vehicle and recommend repairs or services that require immediate attention or replacement before they turn big.


At Andersons Auto Care, our mechanics carefully service your vehicle by following the manufacturer’s recommendations and stamp your logbook after the service. To get your logbook stamped, come to us, as we’re here to check and verify your vehicle’s maintenance history and help you drive safely on the road.

 For logbook servicing across Belmont, call Andersons Auto Care on 0470 455 661 today.