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Radiator Cooling Service Belmont

We all ignore the cooling system and radiator until it stops working all of a sudden. When these systems fail, your engine would overheat and create damages to all the inner components. If your engine is getting overheated, you can trust Andersons Auto Care for radiator cooling service. As a leading car service centre in Belmont, we have the most experienced mechanics who can fix any problem with your cooling system and get your vehicle back in tip-top condition.

Preventive Maintenance To Protect Your Vehicle From Overheating

Radiator is the main component of the cooling system that is responsible for adjusting the temperature of the coolant to keep your engine stabilised. We recommend having the level of your radiator fluid and its components checked on a regular basis. You shouldn’t wait until your car overheats as it may lead to costly repairs down the road.

Importance of Radiator Cooling Service

If you believe that brake complications and engine problems are the major cause of the accidents, then you should think again. Radiator leaks are extremely dangerous and toxic too. If you notice a green or red fluid seeping from your car, the best thing you can do is to quickly call in our mechanic to solve the problem.

Radiator Flush Belmont

Radiator flush involves flushing the coolant in your radiator. We recommend our customers to have radiator flush every two years to ensure the maximum performance of your vehicle and safe driving experience.

Our Radiator Services Include

  • Inspecting radiator for leaks
  • Flushing radiator fluid
  • Testing for engine blocks
  • Inspecting radiator water pump and belt
  • Conducting pressure test
  • Checking fluid level
  • Inspection and replacement of thermostat
  • Examining radiator hose
  • Inspecting cooling fan

Signs Of Radiator Problems

If you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle to us for radiator service.

  • Coolant puddles under your car
  • Rusty residue in your coolant reservoir
  • Engine is getting overheated
  • Heat doesn’t work in your car

Whether you would like to protect your car’s radiator from potential problems or in need of some repairs, we are here to help you. Our mechanics will make sure that your vehicle’s radiator is working efficiently and in top notch shape. For any questions you may have about our radiator repairs and cooling system service, call 0470 455 661 and speak to one of our friendly team members today.