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Tyre Repairs & Replacement Belmont

Is your vehicle tyre safe and sound? As tyres are the important component essential for your vehicle, you need to ensure that it is in the right condition. So whenever you go to the gas station, ensure to check your tyre pressure. A good quality tyre will provide a smooth ride, and it is vital to keep them in good shape.

At Anderson Auto Care, we are committed to providing high-quality tyre repairs and replacements. If you want the best deal on tyres, Anderson Auto Care is the place to go. We offer the service on tyre repairs, tyre replacements, wheel alignment and balancing, new tyre installments and much more.  A general rule of thumb is to have your tyres replaced every 10 years. Tyres endure a lot, from suffering outside damages like punctures to running on poor road conditions and low tyre pressure.

At Anderson Auto Care, our mechanics will check the condition of tyres and recommend replacement if necessary. We are tyre experts and ensure the tyres that we install meet the manufacturer recommendations.

Apart from tyre punctures and replacements, we also offer wheel balancing,Brake Repairs ,tyre rotation, tyre-fitting services. Improper weight distribution in the wheels can lead to riding discomfort and affect the vehicle’s performance. We check this thoroughly and even out the imbalance by placing weight on wheels.

Several factors affect tyres

  • Tyre design & poor maintenance

  • Climatic conditions

  • Poor & damaged roads

  • Low tyre pressure

  • Tyre puncture

  • Poked by sharp foreign agents

At Anderson Auto Care, we provide tyre-fitting, gas filling, tyre rotation, wheel balancing, tyre puncture repairs, new tyre installations for your vehicle. We also stock tyres from various popular brands include regular tyres to high-end models. We diagnose your tyre condition and install the tyre that matches your vehicle in terms of fit, design, and performance. So, whenever you need a tyre repair or replacement service, call us on 0470 455 661